BM NEWS : Former Plateau State Governor’s Media Aide Apologises For Wiping His Shoes With PDP Flag

Ayuba Pam Dangwong was the Special Adviser on Media and Publicity to former Governor of Plateau State, Jonah David Jang. His Facebook page says that he is currently a Senior Legislative Aide at House of Representatives.
Don’t know why he wiped his shoes with his ‘former party’s flag. Below is his apology:
“Last Monday, 15 May, 2017, I posted this on my Facebook wall where I have over five thousand friends with closed to a thousand on queue waiting for confirmation.
I realize the wrong I did and how disdainful it was in the first place. Indeed, it was contemptuous, disparaging, scornful and, to say the least, derogatory!
I honestly feel too, a sense of responsibility to remediate my improper conduct cognizant of the fact that it went as far as creating pang and hurting my esteemed family, friends, colleagues and above all my former party-the PDP!
I am sad-faced!

I accept full responsibility too, that I authored the said post without any input from either my family, friends or colleagues!
The idea was entirely mine, initiated, nurtured and executed without a second thought! It’s a deep wound which scar I accept to live with in a long time to come! Sad!

I do sincerely apologize to my family, friends and colleagues all over for my impropriety. I was wrong! I overstretched the line!
Don’t see this apology as one of those hollow political gestures nor protective safeguard! NO! It’s intended to remediate my hurtful, disdainful and swaggering impropriety caused by my un-thoughtful offensive slip-up!
Like I said, this is a wound deeply caused and which scar I accept is now part of my political history, let this apology too be said of me, that, yes, I regretted my impropriety and tendered an apology!

Let this too, be added to the long list of political database apologies in this age of new culture of apologies. I’m sorry!

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