BM NEWS : Two students killed by generator fumes

This sad event happened in Edo state earlier today. A group of students staying off campus were found dead in their room. They placed their generator in their kitchen and went to sleep last night. They were all suffocated and found dead in the early hours of today. Media personality, Holy Moses who shared the video on IG this afternoon wrote

“My dear brothers and sisters PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if you have a habit of using generators indoors in your rooms; kitchen; or withing the confines of your apartment kindly STOP IT! This happened today in Benin City, Edo State where a group of students slept off while using a generator in the kitchen and sadly they suffocated to death by Carbon Monoxide inhalation. If you must use your generators please put it away from your apartment to give the carbon output an avenue to expel to the atmosphere.
May their Souls Rest In Peace.
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Watch a video from the scene of the incident below

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